K-Taping/Kinesiology Taping


Dr. Clemenhagen has completed additional training in the K-Taping method and utilizes K-Tape with many of her patients.
K-taping is a holistic and non-pharmaceutical therapy method used for an extremely wide range of clinical conditions. Established in Germany for many years, it is now an important component in the range of modern therapies. K-taping is increasingly being used in many countries around the world.

K-taping supports almost the entire spectrum of physiotherapy, chiropractic and athletic therapy treatments, offering doctors and therapists a multitude of new treatment possibilities. Back problems, muscle tension, joint instabilities, or disc problems can be treated, as can migraine, tinnitus, menstrual pain and urinary disorders. K-Taping even offers an effective post-operative concept in lymphatic therapy, for instance following breast cancer operations. K-Taping is established in competitive and professional sport for treatment, prevention and pre-training preparation. The following principle applies in all cases: K-Taping maintains the patient’s full mobility – a decisive advantage compared with previous taping treatment methods.