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Yoga Therapy with Joanne Pineau, Certified Yoga Therapist

Joanne Pineau is a Certified Yoga Therapist of the Heart®Cardiac & Cancer Therapist & The Essential Low Back Program Certified Therapist.

Since 1997 Joanne has helped hundreds of individuals improve and recover their health. She has extensive training in structural alignment, anatomy and pathophysiology of chronic pain, yoga for cardiac, cancer and debilitating diseases, the low back and stress reduction.

A few years ago she researched and developed a very successful approach to help individuals with sciatic pain and published an illustrated manual available on Amazon that is now selling worldwide. Joanne is also the only Certified Yoga Therapist in Southern Georgian Bay trained to teach a clinically proven program for low back pain and she has an honors degree in biology.

The Essential Low Back Program is a complete rebuilding and resiliency program for your back. Clinically proven to relieve pain & restore health. No yoga experience required. Gentle, adaptable to your body shape, size and condition.

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