Make Your Day Harder from Dr. Mike Evans

Dr. Mike Evans has produced numerous videos about everyday things we can do to create a healthier community. The latest in this series is a call to action to 'Make Your Day Harder'. If we all just tweaked our day to include things like riding a bike instead of driving, taking the stairs, getting up to turn off the lights instead of clapping or - my favourite - get a push lawn mower if you have a small yard, we could add more steps to our day and subsequently more years to our life. It's that simple. 

Join the movement!

 #MakeYourDayHarder and share with us what you do to 'Tweak Your Week'!

Yoga classes are on a new night!

We have changed Synergy's Yoga Night to Wednesday nights from 7:30-8:30 to fit with demand. Wednesday night's class will be geared towards runners and running related injury and prevention to coincide with our 5km Run Program. 

Spaces are limited and sign up goes quickly - contact the clinic today to book your class!

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