Welcome Laura James, Pilates Instructor, to our team!

The Pilates Method has been a passion of Laura’s for many years. She has over 20 years practical experience with the Pilates method and has been teaching since 2013. Laura certified with BASI (Body Arts and Science), a world renowned leader in the education of the Joseph Pilates method, located in Costa Mesa, California. She is also certified in Myofascial Compression Techniques and will certify her personal training in 2016.


Everyone has a different body, doing a different job, responding to stress a different way, so the techniques Laura uses provides each individual with unique approach to help the body return to health. Laura believes in the body’s ability to heal itself and, as an athlete with plenty of injuries to brag about, her and the Pilates Method was the breakthrough she needed to assist in that healing from the tips of her toes to neck. It is the reason she became an instructor. One of Laura’s clients put it into words succinctly recently saying, “a quality one hour session with a great instructor is like an hour of personal training mixed with physiotherapy. Such a great combination and you walk out feeling much better than when you walked in”.


Laura has success stories from clients with varying needs and goals including:

·      spine, shoulder, knee, hip and foot recovery

·      pre and postnatal goals

·      professional athletes recovery and maintenance goals

·      general weight loss and health goals


She is new to Collingwood but her family lives here so she is thrilled to make the move. Laura lived in Whistler for a few years a while back so she is happy to live to be back in a community where people know how to work to live, not live to work.


To book an appointment with Laura, please contact her via email laura@collingwoodcore.com or call / text 416.937.0704. Bookings can also be arranged through the clinic at 705-446-5828.