Dr. Jennifer Corey

Dr. Jennifer Corey, ND, RMT, RAc

Dr. Jennifer Corey  provides all patients in her family practice with excellent, individualized health care. She is medically trained but naturally minded; which means Dr. Corey  will diagnose your condition and treat with natural medicines, while discerning when it may be time to turn to conventional methods or not.

With over 20 years as a regulated healthcare provider, Dr. Corey is excited to be at Synergy Health & Wellness Centre and continue her practice with a focus in pelvic health (pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, post-surgical healing, low back pain), preconception care, fertility, pregnancy and postpartum care and pediatrics. Dr. Corey supports parents through childhood illnesses with safe, effective, natural medicine so that children lead a healthy and happy life. She promotes healthy living for the entire family.

Her passion is patient education and helping create a healthy balance in life. As a mother of three you may find her cycling to Creemore, at Three Stages or out on the water, in a yoga studio, on the slopes or at one of the many farmers markets in the Georgian Bay area. She hopes you find your inspiration and make life balanced (as much as possible).

Dr. Corey loves living in Collingwood and hopes to meet you soon. She continues to provide massage therapy and
acupuncture while utilizing all the benefits of naturopathic medicine in a highly integrative manner.