Shift Concussion Management Program

Photo by s-c-s/iStock / Getty Images

The Shift Concussion Management Program here at Synergy Health and Wellness Centre is run by our Athletic Therapist and Certified Shift Concussion Management Provider, Alex Barton. 

The program involves Baseline Testing and Concussion Management. 

Baseline testing is done before you even have a head injury. Patients undergo a functional neurocognitive evaluation, known as "IMPACT testing" to provide a "snapshot" of the brains capabilities and condition. Should you then sustain a head injury, your provider can then compare your injured state to your healthy baseline testing and provide up to date information on your injury status and treatment plan. IMPACT testing leads to more specific diagnosis and therefore improve treatment outcomes for your concussion. 

Once a head injury has occurred, SHIFT Concussion Management enables your provider to develop a specific treatment plan with objective functional and cognitive goals specific to your condition and your specific sport. Improved treatment outcomes and recovery are seen with this high level of specificity and return to play is at the forefront of treatment plan development. For more information, please go to or

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